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Hello, Can I get some help with my Constuction Realestate Pro Template? I am trying to activate the slider on the main page without any luck so far. Thanks
Posted by mummybg1
Asked on February 8, 2018 11:34 am


Please go through the steps to make sure you have done it or not.

You got the premium theme download links on your order confirmation mail which contains the following zip files:

1. Construction Blog Pro
2. Construction Blog Pro child
3. Title Banner Plugin
4. Construction post type Plugin

If you haven’t got the zip file of the theme, please send us your order number, we will give you the login credential of your account on our website

Construction Blog Pro is a premium version theme and Construction Blog Pro child is a child theme. The ”Title Banner Plugin” and ”Construction post type Plugin” is a theme required plugins.

You need to upload the themes separately. First, upload Construction Blog Pro zip via Appearance -> Themes and then Construction Blog Pro child zip via Appearance -> Themes activate the child theme. The ”Title Banner Plugin” and ”Construction post type Plugin” would be uploaded via Plugins -> Add new. These both of plugins will be uploaded separately one by one.

If you have successfully completed theme installation, then follow the below steps to get the demo content on your homepage.

1. Create Page to set template: Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.
Label it ”home” or anything as you wish. Then select template ”home-page” from template drop-down.’

2. Set the front page: Go to Setting -> Reading –> Set the front page display static page to home page

This will show all the demo content on your front page. Now you can customize each section through the Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Settings.

You can also check the Get started page under Appearance -> Get Started

Plugin descriptions are already included in the documentation:

Additional Information:
Child theme: A child theme acquires styles, features, and functionalities from its parent theme. A child theme is an effective way to make modifications in the styles/ features of the parent theme without adjusting the code of parent theme. Along these lines, you can simply update the main WordPress theme with no stresses in regards to your customization and changes. Basically, a child theme is used to override the features of parent theme without affecting the parent theme. We suggest our customers, to make any of the changes to the child theme in case if any and child theme should be activated.

If you got stuck somewhere then send us the query. If you want we can set up your theme, make a user for us assign administrator role and send us the username and password along with the URL. We have a free theme installation support.


Posted by Buywptemplates Team
Answered On February 10, 2018 6:00 am