Top 5 Best Selling WordPress Themes of 2022 (So Far)

WordPress is a huge market for selling themes for website design. Along with this, there are free themes as well. But the unique features and styles are designated for premium versions. Now, the thought arises that how to make the best choice for purchasing a theme as the WordPress market deals with everyday new launching and the best selling WordPress themes. So, this becomes daunting sometimes to pick the best one. 

However, the user has to look upon certain criteria for the right theme that also suits the website. The most common features one must look at are our security, ratings, and customer service. You must choose the right theme for your niche business or blog. While purchasing a theme, you must look at some features. 

Picking up the right theme and making it purchase-worthy takes time and effort, as there are thousands of Premium WordPress Themes for every niche business or blog. You must look to the theme that enhances your business to professional standards. For this, it should provide suitable plugins and functionalities. These best selling WordPress Themes are easy to customize with numerous layouts to work with. Also, the impactful designs and demo content make a website's design easier. 

Let us Look At Some Best Selling WordPress Themes In 2022 

Kids WordPress Template

Want to launch a flexible website that suits kids' age perfectly? The website will be a complete package of kids' apparel, schooling, and education. The premium Kids WordPress Template holds secured features for this. The theme design has a lightweight appearance with vibrant color schemes. You can easily set up a kid's business or blog website. It holds a complete range of playful templates setting perfect goals for the website. 

The layout design is maintained to give a responsive outcome fitting on all devices. To set up a kid's store, you must install the Woocommerce plugin. It maintains product listing with a gallery slider and also has online ordering services. So, This is the first theme on our list of the best selling WordPress themes.

Travel WordPress Template 

Exhibit the most luxurious Travel template for your website setup. The theme design holds perfect assets for travel blogs and businesses. You have to buy this premium theme to unlock mind-blowing features and designs. The retina-ready image resolution keeps your clients stuck to the website. Also, the template functions on the Bootstrap Framework, accessing many applications. 

You can find the best solutions for hotel booking and flight bookings with the website. It conducts perfect plans for every travelling destination. And suppose you plan for a travel blog. In that case, you need a Woocommerce plugin to make this happen. It sets your travel diaries with perfect images and videos in a gallery slider. 

Bakery WordPress Template 

Need an all-in-one creative template that suits bakery and cafe websites? The Bakery WordPress Template holds perfect assets for a website design. It is one of the best-selling templates for an exuberant bakery website design. It helps to acquire premium quality features at cost-effective prices. Also, the unique templates turn your website into the most professional one. The retina-ready homepage display includes sidebars and menu options for better navigation. 

It holds thousands of premium layouts that are fully responsive with custom options. The theme design is also responsive, adjusting to every screen. Whether you are running a blog or business website, including plugins increases functionality. As a result of these features, this theme is among the best selling WordPress themes out there for bakery website.

Newspaper WordPress Template 

Make your newspaper acquire more clients with an online presence. This leads to a website design using Newspaper WordPress Template. The template is available in a premium version with a box full of enticing features. This comes with many classic layouts giving a perfect look to your newspaper. Your newspaper website looks well on all screens with a lightweight design. It urges us to provide the best functionality with valuable plugins. 

This gets interesting when you sell your news editions with the Woocommerce plugin. Also, it manages a perfect content representation, including a vibrant gallery slider. You can include high-resolution images and video graphics for better productivity. 

WordPress Portfolio Template 

WordPress Portfolio Template is the most selling template for unique portfolio creation. The robust template designs hold perfect assets for web designers and digital marketers. It has an elementor page builder letting you add beautiful web pages with drag and drop. It holds endless layouts designing each web page with a unique design. 

You don't need to be a developer or coder, as it has pre-built strong codes. This leads your website to higher SERP ranks with great speed and performance. The theme is full-responsive with better conversion rates. Also, it holds cross-browser compatible zones accessing on all browsers. 


The content has a clear demonstration listing the best selling WordPress Themes. These Premium WordPress Templates and themes come with many unique applications for the website. They are available with free demo content with easy website setup. You get full admin control over the website with custom properties. Also, you need zero coding knowledge to get a website ready with optimized codes. This further leads to acquiring higher SERP ranks and better performance. 

WP Theme Bundle

The WordPress Theme Bundle is an amazing deal that gives you access to all themes at a far lower price than if you purchased each theme individually, costing you $39 per theme. At an affordable price of $99, the WordPress Theme Bundle has more than 50 themes to choose from for your WordPress platform. In case you are looking for all the above-mentioned themes at a much lower price, you can purchase the WP Theme Bundle. Aside from that, this theme bundle includes a year of premium support and free access to all new themes uploaded within this period. So what are you waiting for? Check out WP Theme Bundle today

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