10 Best Free Form Plugin for Wordpress- Simple Contact Forms

10 Best Free Form Plugin for Wordpress- Simple Contact Forms


For a company or personal blog, contact is critical to sustaining a consistent flow of support, comments, sales, and options. Though WordPress is used by millions of bloggers and businesspeople worldwide, it doesn't offer a direct channel of connection. Therefore, in order to identify the submission of free form plugin for WordPress that most effectively meet their demands, bloggers need to depend on a public plugin library.

Among the most popular pages are the ones that say "Contact Us" or "Contact Me." It serves as an avenue for communication and connection among like-minded people. As a result, not having a page for contacting you on your website may result in a significant loss of contacts and business prospects. Making sure that your clients can get in touch with you at any time with questions Searching for personal messages on the internet is terribly professional and never enjoyable. In addition, platforms are currently providing excellent spam protection; therefore, there's no need to hide your electronic messages.

List Of 10 Best Free Form Plugins For WordPress

now let's have a look on the 10 bets hand picked free form plugins for WordPress:

1. Contact Form 7 (Most Popular):

An extension for the Contact Form 7 plugin is the free form plugin for WordPress Country and Phone Field Contact Form 7 plugin. In Contact Form 7, this plugin adds two new form tag fields: the nation of origin list (form-tag: drop-down) and as well as the country phone extension list (form-tag: phone number).

You may create a nation drop-down menu with country flags using the Nation and Phone Field Contact Form 7. Also the names of the nations will be straight away added by entering them in the tag field in Contact Form 7's normal drop-down field.

2. Contact Form by WPForms:

It only takes minutes, not hours, to develop attractive forms for your website, such as payment, membership, feedback, and contact forms, with WPForms!

The customer experience is our first priority at WPForms. With its pre-made form layouts and workflows, WPForms is the free form plugin for WordPress simplest contact form plugin for beginners to get up and running out there.

In less than five minutes, the WPForms Challenge walks you through building your first form. We guide customers through the process of creating a form using an online form builder and putting it on a webpage on your website! The procedure is made smooth by WPForms' connections with well-known page builders like Divi, Elementor, WordPress Blocks Editor (Gutenberg), and Classic Editor.

Because WPForms is a fully mobile-responsive contact form solution, your message forms are guaranteed to appear fantastic across all platforms (desktop, tablet, laptop, and smartphone).

We at WPForms know how important speed is for search engine optimization, marketing, and conversions, which is why our contact forms are also well optimized for web and server efficiency. Sincerely, one of the finest WordPress contact form-building plugins available is WPForms.

3. Ninja Forms:

The WordPress contact form generator is the most user-friendly.

Create a stunning, free form plugin for WordPress with Ninja Forms, and you'll feel like a seasoned web developer!

Totally friendly to beginners

Not one for technology? Not a problem. Coding knowledge is not required. With a committed support staff behind you, you can create stunning, complex shapes like a pro. No inquiry is too small for our experienced staff, who will build your forms and be pleased to answer any queries or resolve any problems.

4. Forminator:

Not just another form-making plugin. The free form plugin for WordPress form builder plugin for any kind of website or situation is called Forminator. Moreover it's the simplest way to design any kind of form, featuring order, payment, contact, email, feedback, BuzzFeed-style "no wrong answer" quizzes, active polls with real-time outcomes, service estimators, and registration pages with PayPal and Stripe as payment alternatives.

For everyone, indeed, it's the enchanted WordPress form builder!

Forms on your WordPress website may be easily set up and added with Forminator's drag-and-drop graphical builder. With Forminator, businesses can gather data, create interactive content, and increase conversions.

5. Formidable:

The most advanced free form plugin for WordPress With our drag-and-drop form builder, you can create polls, quizzes, and more in addition to contact forms.


  • Automated drag-and-drop quiz creator and form. Build anything, from a simple email to a complex web form. Create amazing quizzes and online forms quickly and easily using our drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. To obtain fields in a row, you don't need to be an expert coder.
  • Use views to display data. With other WordPress form plugins, it's possible to merely gather information. You can build solutions with Formidable by formatting, sorting, and displaying submissions in Formidable Views. Consider posting job openings, organizing events, company directories, rating platforms, management tools, and pretty much every other option anyone may think of.
  • Field groupings that repeat (repeaters) This works well for email or registration forms.
  • Drag-and-drop forms for uploading multiple files You can upload an unlimited amount of documents, files, images, and music with ease. This works well for a WordPress User Profile Type (avatars), a job application form (resumes), and a request for a quote form.

6. Kali Forms:

Introducing Kali Forms, an effective and free form plugin for WordPress for contact forms. With just a few presses, create a form from scratch using our user-friendly dragging and dropping builder and can also use one of our predesigned templates.

Creating effective contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms, and more for your online presence is simple and hassle-free with Kali Forms.

Simple-to-use template forms:

It might take time to build forms, and time is something we all never have enough of. Therefore, if you would rather not begin from scratch, Kali Forms has a built-in form template that you may utilize to make the form-building process even simpler and more effective.

7. Form Maker by 10Web:

The top drag-and-drop free form plugin for WordPress for creating forms of any complexity with a few clicks is called Form Maker. It offers a user-friendly interface and various features to help users create custom forms, such as contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, and more. Moreover The plugin provides a range of form fields and customization options, including the ability to add conditional logic and integrate with third-party services like email marketing tools. It is often used to collect data and feedback from website visitors.


  • The interface is intuitive.
  • Smart and adaptive to mobile devices and make mobile friendly WordPress Themes
  • Field Types.
  • Integrate Simple.
  • Pre-built Templates.
  • Fully adjustable themes
  • Control the submissions.
  • Protection from Spam
  • Receive Payments*.
  • Forms with Multiple Pages

8. Everest Forms:

The fastest and free form plugin for WordPress is Everest Forms, which is capable of helping create surveys, polls, online application forms, contact forms, and more. includes an extremely straightforward admin panel with dragging and dropping fields, so you may design any kind of form you require.

Too busy to draw patterns from the ground? Not to be concerned! Select from elegantly styled form themes to save time and quickly create forms that look professional. All forms created using Everest Forms have a 100% responsive design that help make responsive wordpress template of your website. Therefore, your form appears flawlessly on any platform (tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.).


  • A straightforward and simple-to-use interface for beginners
  • Simple drag-and-drop form builder
  • A vast collection of form templates to get you started
  • Make as many forms as you want, without any limitations.
  • Option for multiple column layouts. Both the three- and four-column layouts are supported.
  • Options for form fields
  • For building any kind of WordPress form, use the general, advanced, and premium form fields.
  • Form field with no limit. You have no restrictions on how many times you can use the desired form field.
  • Supports every popular form field, such as radio, checkboxes, dropdowns, dates, and more.

9. Contact Form by BestWebSoft:

The best way to receive communications from clients directly to your email account is to use a contact form free form plugin for WordPress.

To show the form, first download, activate, and paste the [BestWebSoft contact form] shortcode on any web page, blog post, or other widget. With the pre-build choices, you can easily customize the form's information and designs.


  • Use the short code to add a contact form to any post, page, or widget.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Verification of data prior to submission
  • Copy the message that was given to you and send it to the email.
  • Get submissions sent to your custom and default email accounts, admin.
  • Adaptive Design
  • Customizable field labels
  • Required fields

10. Flo Forms:

With our user-friendly drag-and-drop contact form builder, anyone is able to easily develop contact forms for their free form plugin for WordPress website. Get the data you require from those you serve and begin converting leads right now.

Install a form on your website without any coding knowledge in just a couple of minutes.

Your contact forms are going to appear amazing on any device because Flo Forms is 100% smartphone-friendly.


  • Get notifications by email when you forget to check your inbox, store all of your questions on your website, and never lose another email.
  • GDPR-compliant: include a checkbox and a link to your personal information statement. ⁃ Include conditional logic in your forms to ensure that you can build dynamic forms and get the data you actually require. ⁃ Make sure customers enter the information you require by adding the necessary fields.
  • Send your visitors to a new page and craft a personalized success message.
  • Email the individual receiving a confirmation of their submission. ⁃ Access, modify, and download user data that is directly kept on your server.
  • Hidden fields are excellent for sending data to other tools and adding details regarding the user's submission location for the form.


A thorough guide to creating your first form with an online form builder can be found in the WPForms Challenge. Links to well-known page builders such as Divi, Elementor, WordPress Blocks Editor, and Classic Editor are included. Because WPForms is a responsive mobile device solution, your forms will appear fantastic on all devices. Formidable, Kali Forms, XML Forms, Ninja Forms, and Forminator are a few more well-liked WordPress plugins for creating contact forms. Different extensions have different functionality, like presenting information, recurring field groups, drag-and-drop quiz building, and already-prepared premium WordPress themes.

These plugins are made to maximize conversions, marketing, and optimization for search engines. Moreover apart from the premium WordPress Themes you can also purchase bulk themes at once. You can purchase the WordPress Theme Bundle from Buy WP Templates store itself where you can get all of the 250+ premium themes at a pocket friendly price of just $99.

A well-liked WordPress plugin called Form Maker by 10 Web allows users to create complex forms with an easy-to-use interface, intelligent mobile devices, and adjustable field types. The quickest and most user-friendly form provider is Everest Forms, which also offers contact forms, polls, web-based application forms, and surveys. With the help of BestWebSoft's Contact Form, customers may receive contact straight to their email addresses, comply with GDPR regulations, and add required fields and configurable field labels. A user-friendly web-based form builder, Flo Forms makes it simple to design contact forms, record queries, get notifications, and access user data.

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