Pros and cons of free vs premium WordPress themes

Pros and cons of free vs premium WordPress themes


The debate between free vs premium WordPress themes has existed for as long as I've used the website. In case anyone was wondering, that has essentially been the case from the start. It appears that by now, something so fundamental should have a definitive response. Possibly. But developments in the WordPress environment (themes, plugins, and core) have so far continued to move the discussions a little bit in one direction and a little in another, never completely finishing on one side.

We may have stated categorically a few months ago that choosing free vs premium themes is usually an intelligent decision. To be sincere, I still somewhat lean that way. For all of my personal projects, I use premium WordPress templates. But there's been something that has been bothering me for some time, and I am forced to believe it has some validity.

Anyone could do that, of course, is the response. Maybe right now more than in the past. As has always been the case with this issue, considering the advantages and disadvantages will raise the question of whether it is worthwhile. which is specifically what the item will do, along with much more.

The advantages and disadvantages of selecting a free WordPress theme:

But, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages listed here and making sure that the needs listed above are met, you need to ensure that your requirements are satisfied.

WordPress Theme for Free with Advantages:

When compared to free vs premium WordPress themes are usually compatible with a far greater variety of plugins. This is because each and every free WordPress theme in the official repository has to conform to a set of conditions in order to be accepted. Compared to the popular "all-in-one" premium WordPress themes, they are typically slimmer. You can really be better off when you can locate a theme for free that satisfies what you need without missing many of the premium features offered by costly premium themes.

Free themes for WordPress that can be downloaded from the trusted WordPress library will have gone through an official review process. This provides a consistent foundation of quality and compatibility. Rather than adhering to WordPress best practices, many paid themes choose to use more unique models, frequently without considering the potential negative effects on their consumers.

WordPress themes for free with disadvantages:

They don't update every so often either. which isn't a problem until it becomes one. Having to update WordPress on your site every time it breaks your theme can be quite annoying. Security flaws may also result from this. The user interface of the majority of free WordPress themes is subpar for both website owners and users. Your back is where you experience this the most. Making themes that are enjoyable to use is a major priority among several premium WordPress theme companies and creators. Free themes usually come short in this aspect as well.

There's an increased likelihood that free WordPress themes involve security vulnerabilities. This has already been highlighted as a component of the update disadvantage, but there are additional ways it can be a disadvantage in addition to a long development cycle.

The advantages and disadvantages of selecting a premium WordPress theme:

It can be challenging to put yourself in a position that allows you to truly examine their possible disadvantages, though, given the passionate way all of the premium theme writers and vendors (which includes this one) extol their positive qualities.

Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes:

Learning every detail of a new WordPress theme's creation procedure is frequently of greater significance than memorizing every single piece of code. Understanding what they are saying enables anyone to solve more problems on their own, but sometimes a helpful nudge—or several—in the correct direction is quite helpful. The capacity they have to improve it is funded by the income that their subject brings in. This generates a positive feedback loop for good retailers and developers, guaranteeing that as more people utilize their goods, they get more and more excellent. It's often compared free vs premium WordPress themes but premium themes are more valuable.

For example, sophisticated admin panels and plugin suites greatly facilitate adjustments and overall site setup. Using a theme that is premium for WordPress usually enhances every aspect of the design. Including backend admin pages and menus in website page designs Effective website design may substantially boost your productivity while keeping people healthy when you use it every day of your life.

For authors and retailers of premium WordPress themes, security is important. Additionally, they are able to afford to meet the demanding security requirements of both their clients and the theme park industry at large. When it involves WordPress base updates and other significant modifications, the update cycle for premium WordPress themes is typically tighter and more responsive. Everything has been affected by this, from minor defects to significant dangers to security. An outdated theme may give rise to a thousand small problems.

Disadvantages of a Premium WordPress Theme:

Premium WordPress themes with either monthly or annual license fees might really burn a hole in your pocket when you're simply doing it as a hobby and aren't really making a sufficient amount to offset the costs of your theme. There isn't a formal procedure for approval for premium themes. It also means that, in some cases, premium theme suppliers and authors could decide to ignore established practices for WordPress development. This may result in much more, and at other points, it can only cause small problems.

Although it's more common, this does not frequently imply the fact that you are receiving a "slow" theme and website. The creator or your premium theme for the WordPress shop may decide not to continue producing their product. Of course, anybody utilizing a WordPress theme has worries related to this. But when an expensive theme store and author close up shop and stop creating new content, you're going to lose your money in addition to finding yourself putting in an extensive amount of work moving to an alternative theme.

The Selection Process for Free WordPress Themes:

Utilize free templates for WordPress only, and only from trusted sources. Actually, the only complimentary themes from the published WordPress library that I suggest utilizing are the highly rated themes. Verify the theme author's activity and the rate of updates. Keep a watchful eye on the theme author's prior actions, reviews, and other details while you browse the collection for themes.

Examine your options for support. Support is provided by certain stores or producers of free WordPress themes. When you're not a seasoned user, this can be of great help. Choose a relatively recent option. An author of a free theme for WordPress needs an extensive user base in order to continue maintaining an older theme. WordPress has developed and progressed, regardless of whether this is the case. A newer theme will be created in order to capitalize on that.

Examples of High-Quality Free Themes:

There's no shortage of great free WordPress themes online. These are just two of them that I myself would employ or serve as excellent benchmarks for other themes that are free.

  1. Twenty Twelve:

Although Twenty Twelve is a little older, this rule can be waived in this instance. Given that Automattic created the 2012 basic WordPress theme, it is fair to believe that the theme will be kept current and adhere to best practices for WordPress development. In addition, it has a fantastic, straightforward design that is ideal for customization. The layout is suitable for business-related websites and blogs.

  1. Storefront:

WooThemes offers a free e-commerce template called Storefront. It was designed to work as a beneficial, free addon to WooCommerce, their most popular, free plugin. For a free theme, it's remarkably powerful, adaptable, and responsive. In addition, WooThemes guarantees that this project will always be current as well as compatible with the most recent version of WooCommerce due to its substantial investment in the project.

Tips for Selecting a Premium WordPress Theme:

Determine the acceptable pricing range based on your actual earnings. or, at the very least, on the potential money that your transaction will bring in. This is mostly a business and freelance work note. Compared to other "enterprise" software, WordPress solutions are incredibly economical if you require certain features and capabilities to run your firm. You can also checkout WP Theme Bundle. While free WordPress themes offer basic functionalities, premium WordPress themes typically provide more advanced features, comprehensive support, and enhanced customization options for a richer website-building experience.

There are a tonne of developers on the planet who are more concerned about sales than quality. Stay away from advertising and sales text. Examine assessments, consider reputation, and select somebody with a strong track record of performance. 

Excellent Examples of Premium Themes:

It would be rude of me not to mention WooThemes, whose Canvas theme and plugin pack are equally outstanding.

  1. Divi:

Divi is a really clever, powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use theme. With this fantastic theme, even non-programmers and people who are not designers may create beautiful websites after amazing websites.

Cost: $69/year and $249/lifetime

  1. The X theme:

Since its launch, the X theme has always been the most readily purchased theme on Themeforest. The X theme seems to have endured over the course of time, compared to many trendy Themeforest templates that look fantastic but fall short of expectations. It's a modular builder theme that offers four distinct starting places for numerous types of WordPress websites, much like "stacks" in a child theme.

Cost: $63 (annual license for a single website).


Better out-of-the-box design opportunities, improved safety, and access to additional assistance are critical points of differentiation for numerous freelancers and businesses that rely on their free vs premium WordPress themes websites as their primary source of revenue.

When all of the advantages and disadvantages have been compared with free vs premium themes, the decision ultimately boils down to you and what you want.

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