Best Free WordPress Themes Every Beginner Should Try

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are literally thousands of options to choose from – both free and premium. It's hard to know where to begin when there are so many options. Do you go for a free theme or a paid one? If you’re a beginner, the answer is obvious: free themes. With free themes, you can get started with WordPress without spending any money. And there are some really great free themes available. This article will share the best free WordPress themes for beginners.

Though there are endless themes, you must go for the best. There are some key points to be noticed when picking the right theme: 

  • As the first impression matters to the clients, it should be attractive. 
  • The theme should be coded well with strong codes so it may not lag in the future. 
  • The theme must have a responsive interface that fits best on all devices and screens. 
  • The templates and layouts must be fresh and modern with custom features. 
  • It must be adequately categorized, so the user does not get confused while choosing it.
  • The theme should be optimized with good SEO and google ranks to provide great speed. 
  • At last, you must look at the ratings and customer service.

Why Choose Free WordPress Themes And Some Positive Facts About Them? 

First, the user gets excited hearing that a theme is free. But is this a boon or myth? Let us check. 

It is said that free themes don’t provide as much compatibility as premium themes provide. But not with every theme. Some are good in functionality and appearance. You just have to pick wisely after checking the listing of all features. This is an outstanding fact of using a free theme to save your time and money. As the themes are easy to install and get developed easily. So without any confusion, you must go for free WordPress themes. 

Here Are Some Best Free WordPress Themes That Might Help You  

Free Marketplace WordPress Theme

Initiate a blog website for emerging podcasts using the free marketplace WordPress theme. The theme is available free of cost with easy installation. Also, it comes with free demo content guiding you in website design. Design a robust website with incredible pre-built layouts. This is further supported by the elementor page builder with drag and drops feature. The responsive design suits best for electronic and eCommerce stores. 

One can easily derive their audience with visual image graphics and features. It has dignified templates turning the website into web pages with header names. Socialize your store with social media icons integrated into the website. With these features, this theme is one of the best free WordPress themes available for the eCommerce marketplace.

Free Health Coach WordPress Template

Health coaches need to spread their coaching skills with a website. One can easily get this with easy installation at no cost price. The generic design suits health coaches, dietitians, and fitness trainers well. Make your website compatible enough by including useful plugins. As this is a blog theme, you must conduct daily blogs to maintain and rise clients. They hold responsive features that are easily customized with admin properties. The outstanding fact about this theme is that no codes are required for the website. And the website gets ready in a few couple of time. The SEO-optimized codes let your website acquire huge clients with higher SERP ranks. 

Free Eco Nature WordPress Template

Wishing to spread the divine beauty of nature through a blog? This Free Eco Nature WordPress Theme is the best for this. This is a free theme with easy installation and free demo content. This includes a pre-built website format with easy customization. You just need to replace the existing content with yours, including plugins. As this is a nature-oriented theme, it includes templates with soothing styles. 

It controls the website with the Bootstrap Framework, giving access to various applications. The visual graphics representation with modern designs grabs more users to it. Also, the Woocommerce plugin holds a special place with a gallery slider. As a result of these features, this theme is among the best free WordPress themes out there.

Free WordPress Hotel Template

Take your hotel business to professional levels with a website design. Setting up a website with the Free WordPress Hotel Theme requires no time. It comes with easy installation free of cost. Design a luxurious website that invites new clients using stunning templates. The alluring theme design suits cafes, restaurants, and food corners. 

The theme is SEO-optimized with strong codes that help to reach higher goals for the website. The lightweight interface looks great on all screens without any lags. Also, the Woocommerce plugin helps to run an online hotel business with online bookings. The live theme customizer helps to do basic editing on the website. 

Free Startup WordPress Template

Get this Free Startup WordPress Theme for a bang-on startup launch. This is one of the finest themes for a startup business. Users can unleash its features and applications for free and easy installation. The theme design gets its meaning with any type of business website. The Bootstrap Framework plays an important role in giving proper structure to the website. Embedding plugins make your website more functional. 

The Woocommerce plugin makes its special place running an E-commerce business website. The addition of reliable web pages with drag-and-drop features makes a productive website. Further, the interface provides cross-browser-compatible zones. While there are many best free WordPress themes out there, we think this one is one of the best of them for a startup business website. 


The above content has dotted some top free WordPress Themes. However, there are thousands of free themes available in WordPress. The thing is, the user has to choose wisely while proceeding with a website design. Some necessary factors are listed above to choose a perfect theme that ticks all criteria. There are some negative elements also that will confuse the user sometimes. But, WordPress helps to overcome these factors with ease. Apart from this, you get various homepage elements and terrific templates. Also, plugins apply most functionality to the website. 

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