6 Most Popular WordPress Themes Of 2022 | WP Themes

6 Most Popular WordPress Themes Of 2022 | WP Themes

WordPress Themes are indeed the best in all terms. But, the question is which are the most popular WordPress themes. This article will be a clear answer to this. Let's begin! WordPress is a huge marketplace selling over 10 thousand+ plus themes. There are endless themes for every niche business or blog website design. This creates confusion in the user's mind to choose the best of them. A popular Theme should function well, upgrading your website to professional standards. WordPress Themes are the best, including erratic designs and impressive structure. 

What Makes A WordPress Theme Popular? 

WordPress Themes have a huge listing dealing in every field. Then, what makes them most wanted and popular? The listed features are a trick making them best in all possible ways: 

Lightweight design

The user looks for a theme that goes well with speed factors. A slow website would lessen the number of visitors affecting overall performance. To avoid this, you must use plugins wisely, as overloading may face these problems. 

Regular Updating

An updated website is a way to fewer bugs and errors. That's why it is necessary to update your theme frequently. 


This is one of the important factors to look at when going for Most Popular WordPress Themes. Appearing on search engines is a big thing for any website. For this, the theme must include stronger codes setting higher ranks for the website. 

Responsive design

The theme is worthless if it doesn't fill the gap of being responsive. As half of the client traffic comes from mobile devices, this is a must for any theme. The website must function well on all screens without lags. 

Page builder compatibility

A page builder is necessarily maintaining the reliability of the website. It helps to strengthen the website with various web pages using the drag-and-drop feature. We have various page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and others. 


A customized theme is a door to admin properties. Users can easily make suitable changes making it a unique website. So, this is another factor a theme must include. 

Customer Support

It goes with the flow that a theme should have a supporting back. So, whenever the user feels any query, it must get a revert by chat support.

Artist Portfolio WordPress Theme 

Are you an artist and looking forward to making it social? Here's an Artist Portfolio WordPress Theme that helps to achieve this. Get this theme at a great value of $39 only and explore the latest features. This is a platform where you can stand out as an artist in front of the world. Also, get easy-to-use templates with simple custom options. The theme has stunning homepage layouts ready to customize. 

You will get more exciting features as you move forward with the theme. The interesting thing is that you don't need coding skills as it comes with pre-built SEO-optimized codes that give higher goals. The elementor page builder holds special properties with drag and drops features. This further leads to the addition of beautiful web pages with custom layouts. It has a mobile-friendly design, adjusting to all screens easily. Because of these features this is the first theme on the list of most popular WordPress Themes that we recommend.

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Advanced gallery slider
  • No codes required

E-commerce WordPress Theme

Getting an E-commerce website is itself a great thing, right? And the E-commerce WordPress Theme fully supports this. Get this amazing theme for any online business website. You have to spend $39 only for exploring its premium features. Get your website ready with stunning layouts and no codes to embed. Thanks to the SEO-optimized codes that help gain the website's proper fame. 

Also, it increases performance with faster speed and storage capacity. Coming to the website building, it comes under the elementor page builder. It ensures the addition of reliable web pages and landing pages followed by a drag-and-drop feature. The Woocommerce plugin turns the tables with product listing and carting options. This is an important plugin to add to an E-commerce website. Get your E-commerce website ready with vibrant image and video properties. 

  • Woocommerce compatible 
  • No codes required
  • Elementor page builder compatibility

Real Estate Realtor WordPress Theme

Stepping into the real estate world has been made easy with the Real Estate Realtor theme. This is a theme where you explore the most enticing features of the real estate business. Also, construction, property dealing, and agency setup can be easy. Get this theme with value money of $39 only. The template designs will broaden your imagination in displaying the services. A business website requires superb client interaction to maintain its prestige. 

Creating a stunning presentation for your website will surely help with this. Get an amazing range of creative layouts with an adjustable interface. You get a premium range of plugins for better functionality. Add reliable web pages to categorize every type of property with proper specifications. This comes under the Woocommerce plugin. This lets your website deal with third parties as well. This theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes available today for real estate business websites.

  • Responsive design
  • Free demo importer
  • Stunning templates for decor

Dropshipping WordPress Theme 

A website is a place where you get better heights for your business. That's why we have the Dropshipping WordPress Theme with the latest features. Get this amazing theme to compete with a bang-on impression. Unlock the premium range of exciting features and designs for $39 only. Also, you get a worry-free website design without any codes to embed. This is a responsive theme suiting all E-commerce business websites. As a result of these features, this theme is among the most popular WordPress themes out there for ecommerce websites.  

The lightweight design and appealing factors make it popular as well. An elementor page builder sets higher goals for the website. It lets you add reliable web pages with drag-and-drop features and custom elements. Get your store updated with smooth navigation and better conversion rates. The layouts are easily compatible with cross-browsers and all screens as well. The stunning gallery slider has vibrant image properties displaying products with perfect detailing.

  • Live theme customizer
  • Advanced gallery slider
  • Better conversion rates

Event Management WordPress Theme

Spread your event management business to higher levels with a website. The Event Management WordPress Theme holds imposing features for this. Get this theme at $39 only to unleash the premium range of templates. The website gets ready in no time without any codes. Also, you get pre-built demo content for beginners who need experience. This is a pre-designed website format, and users need to do basic editing. The theme holds stunning layouts ready for web page design for every occasion. 

It has gracefully designed homepage layouts letting your clients be amazed. Give your homepage an elegant look with a welcome video and service display. This helps to strike users' minds moving forward with the website. Also, the Woocommerce plugin has powerful assets for it. It concludes by displaying the services in a gallery slider. Adding plugins to the website will maximize its functionality giving better conversion rates. In our list of the most popular WordPress themes, this is the best theme that we recommend for event management websites.

  • Mobile friendly design 
  • Custom pagination options
  • Elementor page builder support

Bakery WordPress Template 

As a final option for our list of Most Popular WordPress themes, we have bakery WordPress Template. An online bakery website is the most trending business right now. Unique bakery websites are getting more attention nowadays. Are you looking for a bakery website design? Get this amazing Bakery WordPress Template to make it happen. This is a template kit to expand your small bakery business online. The theme is available at a price range of $39 only with a box full of features. Get a premium range of designs and styling options as well. 

Moreover, you get free demo content with stunning homepage options, also. The Woocommerce plugin plays it well in displaying delicious bakery items. It holds a gallery slider with high-resolution image properties to display. Take your online business to get more fame by integrating social media icons. The lightweight design helps to make your website more reliable with faster speed. Also, add beautiful web pages that set trademarks for your website. You get to set a personalized title and logo for your business here.

  • Header and footer options
  • Custom layouts with mobile-friendly design
  • Unlimited slides with scrolling menus.


This is a crystal clear recap of the above content. It defines the most Popular WordPress Themes with the latest features. All WordPress Themes are the best, and there is no doubt. But, the ones that strike users' minds and are adapted by most are popular. We have listed some of them at affordable prices. It fetches the most stylish and trendy templates and designs to explore. Not only this, the themes are responsive with custom features. Also, plugins play well in terms of providing better functionality. The lightweight designs are a door to acquiring more clients and better performance. 

WordPress Theme Bundle 

Introducing the best deal of the year! It is the WordPress Theme Bundle with lots of exciting offers. Grab this bundle to get a blasting range of all themes under one roof. Also, this is an expertly designed deal with a value pack offer. You get all the premium themes with lots of templates and features. Plugins are also included with it for better functionality. All the themes are updated with the latest versions and software updates. So, what are you thinking about? Just get the offer now. 

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