10 Points To Consider When You Buy WordPress Themes


WordPress is number one in the world when it comes to the content management system. It powers a major chunk of all the websites that operate on the internet and a massive percentage of websites that run on CMS select using WordPress. This is open source software and you can use it irrespective of the cost. But then why you should buy WordPress themes by paying an amount for it? It could be a commercial WordPress theme. The availability of the WordPress themes is high but then some can be purchased and some are available for free. When you buy WordPress templates, you get two things that satisfy you. One is the guarantee and second is the reassurance of quality. Both these two factors make your purchased WordPress themes totally customized, customer focused and a mesmerizing experience.

Buy WordPress Themes

When You Plan To Buy, You Should Consider The Following:

Fine Set Of Features

The WordPress theme you select should have all the required features depending on your necessity at that particular moment of purchase and also in the near future. One thing you have to keep in mind and it is the switching of designs. You should know whether you are switching designs on single page or throughout site. Keeping all this, you can select themes based on number of features and you have to decide or keep in mind before going for the purchase.

Buy Themes That Add Value

You buy WordPress themes that add value because there are themes that are associated with widgets. Because of this, if they add or are disabled till requirement, it may not be a problem. If there are free snippets making use of different libraries and appearing on each page regardless whether you use it or not, then it is an issue. All this should be addressed so that the user experience may not be degraded. You have to keep this in mind before you buy WordPress themes.


You need to analyse the weight of theme and for this, you make use of browser development tools or you can also go for the online reports. Some of the leading ones are imgIX page weight and pingdom. When you go for these tools, it is to ensure that it does not go towards fatness. That is not good.

CF [client facing] Functionality

The themes that you want to buy also known as the premium themes should give you an experience of extension of WordPress to the new limits that are user friendly. The designers will bestow on you a custom experience and there is no need of coding.

Themes Need To Be Developer Friendly

You may find the necessity to go into theme code for making tweaks but the possibility is not there from the user interface. When you buy WordPress themes, the documentation should be perfect and these should permit alterations without wading through compressed CSS, HTML, PHP or JavaScript code. All these are thousands of lines.

Support And Service

When you purchase WordPress themes also known as premium themes, you get the assistance or guidance in any area if you are the problems regarding use and development. You can take the support through email or telephone or seek the advice from the community forums that primarily focus on the themes. It is better if you go for the theme community forums having popularity and used by many people. The theme developers are ready to solve the issues because they do not want the bug reports.


Free WordPress themes do not get updated and the fact remains that the developer will not focus on the free themes but would go for something that pays money meaning the premium themes. Before certain issues regarding the free WordPress themes get resolved like the bug fixation or the update of themes as browsers evolve or the operation of theme with the next WordPress release, it is advised to go for the premium ones because the benefits of premium WordPress templates are far more as compared to your investment in the long run. The developers who create the premium themes keep the code up to date because of the commercial reasons and solve the problems as they come up.

Assured Compatibility

Do not be frightened because the WordPress updates do not cause breakage to the site but there is a need of maintenance for the plug-ins and WordPress themes with the passage of time. Before you buy WordPress themes, you need to check the date when the code was changed last and by this you will get the surety that theme is current and it has the compatibility with the recent WordPress code base as well as browsers.

Privacy And Safety

In the WordPress plug-ins and themes, you will have the executable PHP code. You need to have the surety about the rough testing of the code on various installations. You also need to be sure about the development of the code without any intention that is malicious. You also have to be sure that your log in details or your wiping posts are not getting leaked by accident. Keeping all this in mind, your choice for going for the premium WordPress templates is a secured option. When you buy WordPress themes, you have the credibility. Go for the security before it gets too late and an investment is the safe option.

Cost Factor

The price of the theme holds an importance but you should not forget one thing that bargaining has an importance in the world of business. Know that you can be much cheaper than the free one if there is no need of fixes or the additional development.

Ultimately, it is you who has to decide because it is you who is running the business. When you spend money for the premium ones, you will find that you have not done any kind of mistake in the long run. You are finally having an upper edge when it comes to benefits.

Premium WordPress Worth A Try:

1. Computer Repair WordPress Theme

2. Cleaning Company WordPress Template

Cleaning Company WordPress Template

Cleaning Company WordPress theme will allow you to showcase your services in an elegant and professional way. You can put up any queries on the website via the Contact form. Display your social pages with social media icons and widgets. The theme comes with advance colour options and advance slider to display your services in an attractive way. Full documentation is available and you can import demo content with just one–click. Users can translate the pages with the translation option. You can get a number of clients online with your website. So, grab this affordable theme and start creating your site today. 

3. Gardening WordPress Template

Gardening WordPress Template

Gardening WordPress theme is an excellent option to design a website to showcase services of gardening or landscaping. You can sell gardening equipments online by creating your Ecommerce store. It comes packed with 100+ font family options and fully integrated with font awesome icon. It is SEO ready to get ranked soon on important search engines. With social media option you can display your social presence. It has pre-built layouts, customizable home page, footer customization options, translation-ready and much more. The design is responsive, professional and eye-catchy to hook visitors on your site.

4. Hair Salon WordPress Template

Hair Salon WordPress Template

Hair salon WordPress template is one our most bought templates. Showcase your salon and services in a professional and stylish manner. Using the advanced slider display your services and keep your visitors engaged. The theme comes with full documentation and guidelines to install it. It is cross-browser compatible and optimized for speed to load quickly on all browsers. You can add custom codes to create custom post types and add more functionality to your site. Clean and optimized codes are used to design this theme. The theme’s foundation is on bootstrap framework making it powerful and user-friendly to work with.

Features are always a deciding factor while choosing a WordPress theme. The theme that you select must have all the features depending upon the necessity of the business. The selected theme needs to be lightweight and must possess a bug-free code for delivering clutter-free performance. Also, fast loading pages are desired to keep up the pace and user’s interest intact. You should get the desired support from the technical team at times of need. Keeping all the factors in mind, the themes included in this WordPress Theme Bundle are designed.

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