How To Install WordPress Templates


You may be surprised to know that in the past, you probably had to submit your degree certificate in case of WordPress templates installation. But if you talk of the present times, the case is not so. To Install WordPress templates, you require proper knowledge in this area whether you buy WordPress templates or get them for free. If you follow the step by step process, you can do it without any obstacle or obstruction.

Certain Assumptions

It could be that you host your own WordPress site and not the one that is hosted on your part through the parent site Second assumption is that your host install WordPress templates by the company for you. If this is the case, your site will get permit automatically that is required for making updates and the uploading of your theme on WordPress. Third assumption is that the template you got came to you in the form of a zip file. Generally the zip files are big because these are group files or even bigger and the upload may take time more than normal. It is better if you analyse these assumptions or just keep them in mind before you buy WordPress website templates or get them for free.

Install WordPress templates

Installation Steps

You can log on to WordPress site. One thing you need to know is that it should be your self-hosted site not the one from By doing this, you will go to the dashboard. There is an arrow by the side of the Appearance module and its position is located on the left hand side of the screen. You will have to click on this particular arrow.

  • You can see the additional choice dropping down and one of the choices is “Add new template”. In case, you are not able to see it, there is no need to panic. You have to tap on Template and afterwards look towards top of the next screen.
  • On the top, you will see an “Add new” button and this button will permit you add new template.
  • Take for instance, you are on page that says, “Install Templates” at top, you have to tap on the “Upload tab” that is under “Install Templates” on the top of page.
  • By doing this, the new page will come up and it will ask you to trace zip file on your PC.
  • When you find the zip file on the PC, you have to tap on it and after that click again on “Install now” button that is located on the right.
  • Just wait and you will get multiple status updates and these will inform you about the operation of the computer or what the PC is exactly doing.

The file contents are put in place where they belong in order to ensure the working of the WordPress template in a proper manner. Once the screen gives you the message of correct install of WordPress templates, you still have something more. All this process is similar for both when you buy WordPress templates or get them for free.

After the correct installation, you will see here options of preview, activate or delete. If you want to be sure the template is the correct one, you have the option to preview it. If you feel it is good, you can close screen and tap on “Activate” tab. Now your WordPress template has activated and your efforts after you buy WordPress template or even get it for free can be seen by the people.

Rare Cases

In some rare conditions or occasions, there arises the need for you to install WordPress templates through FTP but till you get the error, it is better to stay away as far as logging into FTP is concerned.

AdSense WordPress Template

If you are a busy blogger, the right AdSense WordPress template is available for you and it can make use of your precious time to get the message out. It makes sense if you buy WordPress templates for many bloggers because of their availability on the internet for self-expression so that the web page looks good in appearance and the operation or the working of the webpage is in a proper way. When you buy AdSense WordPress template, there are important features included for the successful operation of the blog site. The ads are ready just to be inserted and for this, there is the inclusion of a proper plugin that is already there but apart from that, the SEO plugin is also there. By all this, there are high chances for the blogger to get noticed in a fast manner.

Importance Of Content

Content is one of the very important things for a blog site. Content is the expression of the site maker and it is through the content; he can reach out to the world. The added benefit associated with the AdSense WordPress template is the extra revenue that is generated because of the ads posted on the site. If there is proper template, it acts as a key for this achievement.

There are some who go to for the plain look that is simple in design. They expect that the content of the blog to get attention as far as the web surfer is concerned. Sometimes, all this works but what is important is the first glance and this should generate attention of the reader. The site presentation is one of the important things that matters a lot.

Important Things To Remember

The three important things are the colours, symbolism and the format. These three compel the reader to do the investigation of the site and increase his curiosity. The first impression is important and it matters and if it is not positive, then the surfer will take the site casual and move on. It will ultimately be a business loss for the creator. It is here the right AdSense WordPress template holds importance because of the use of graphics that are eye grabbing thus compelling the surfer to stick on.

We Have Listed All Our Premium WordPress Templates Here:

1. Car Rental WordPress Theme

Car Rental WordPress Theme

Display car rental services online using our Car Rental WordPress theme. It offers car rental system plugin and allows to display a car catalogue as well. Advance colour options and palettes included will help you design attractive and retina-ready pages. It is mobile-friendly to accommodate its layout in all devices screen sizes. The SEO friendly feature will help your site to rank easily on all major search engines. It offers pre-built pages to aid you in designing your site fast and with ease. Other features include: pagination option, section reordering, translation-ready, cross-browser compatible, full-width template and many more. 

2. WordPress Template For Business

WordPress Template For Business

Our WordPress theme for business is all set to help you showcase your business and services in a modern way. It will surely help you get more customers and built your presence online. The theme has responsive design that looks beautiful on all devices. You can fully customize with custom elements. It offers advance colour options and palettes to make your site pages gorgeous and eye-catchy. With advance slider you can upload multiple images that looks engaging and will hook visitors to the site. Translation of pages is possible with translation option and it also has support for RTL layout.

We know that content is the king. So, along with features, you also have to give attention to the content. You should be able to visualize how your content will look and see that it portrays the information correctly and in an effective way. A good WordPress template will have endless customization options using which you can change the colors and font style of the content to make it more alluring and interesting to read. This WP Theme Bundle is a wonderful collection of fully customizable premium WordPress templates.

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