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    Kindly add your valuable reviews here

    Pat Freeman

    I like how this theme looks. The font style and color look amazing! It really gives that modern look to complement the business niche.
    I wonder which domain does it suit the most.

    Excellent Support.


    Your tech support team is awesome they did a great job in assisting me set up my Multipurpose Blog Pro. Works great! I just have to familiarize myself with navigation and I’m good to go. Thanks guys!

    Tia Barrett

    I installed Multipurpose Blog WordPress Theme on my WordPress. The theme is awesome and compatible to updated version.Also the support team really helped me a lot in setting up the theme.You guys did an amazing job.


    Hi Team
    The theme is great and very flexible… the support was AMAZING!

    I use a lot of support sites with my work and for the small amount the theme cost I was absolutely blown away by the support.
    I asked a lot of questions and bothered the support team at least 8 times. Each time they came back within hours with a solution and helpful tips on how to get around the issues I was experiencing.


    Thanks guys. x


    Очень качественные шаблоны, легки в настройке. Цены отличные, за 39$ Вы получаете почти готовый веб сайт. Поддержка также работает быстро и дружелюбно. Мне понадобилось внести некоторые изменения и дополнения в уже готовый шаблон, мне сделали это без дополнительной платы. Я рекомендую https://www.buywptemplates.com Ребята относятся к своей работе по совести


    Great service. I really like the template. Thanks!


    I used this product to build out my whole website, and am very satisfied with both the final look, and the fact that there was so much detailed information included with the package that allowed me to set things up, step by step, just the way I wanted it. When I did get stuck and wrote for help, I got detailed descriptions back very quickly, including an issue that would have had dire repercussions if I didn’t have the fix up in time for my site’s launch.

    5 out of 5 stars, great work here.


    A professional and well structured template, mostly fit for a lifestyle blog. The support team has been very helpful every time I had several tasks to solve. In a nutshell, a top-notch service. Undoubtedly to recommend!


    I love the template! I had some issues setting some things up and making them work right with WordPress. I contacted the customer support team and they were so great to work with. They helped me several times and I know they will help me again if I need it. Very professional and efficicient!


    Nice template and professional customer support. I definitely recommend it 🙂


    Excelent template!.


    excelent template


    I’ve recently purchased one of this website’s themes and was not disappointed. Had some hardships with setting it up at first, but the tech support helped me to troubleshoot them quick and professionally. The theme was thoughtfully designed to my business’ needs, which is totally worth the money. Will definitely recommend this website o my friends =)

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    excellent template(KINDERGARTEN EDUCATION), I had some problems modifying some things and getting them to work properly. I got in touch with the customer support team and they were great to work with. They have helped me over and over again and I know they will help me again if I need to. Many thanks to the support team

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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