Some WordPress Templates That Will Help in Conversion Rate Boosting

Some WordPress Templates That Will Help in Conversion Rate Boosting


If you go to the experts of WordPress Templates, they will tell you many things about the conversion rate but most importantly, they teach you that the conversion rates are one of the most important parameters for the online business. If they are telling, you will have to agree with them because they are the experts. If you are planning to design a website from the lowest ebb, it is not that easy and the path is not straight as far as the goal achievement is concerned especially when it comes to the templates.

Even if you are not technology oriented person or you lack the essential skills of creativity as you might be depicting, it is still not that easy to decide from where to begin. But the hope is not diminished and for this, you need to select the WordPress templates that will do the necessary job on your behalf. To be true, the presentation of the notions has been designed in a special manner for the achievement of maximum conversion rate. This is done with the help of well-planned methods that lay emphasis on the content and the other factors are user friendliness, providing the increased functionality and also the grabbing of attention.

Before you go for the WordPress templates, it is better if you choose a hosting package. This is something where you will have to show your smartness and make use of the coupon codes.


This is easy to navigate apart from its cleanliness and elegancy. For the maximum conversion rates, this is one of the much used WordPress templates. One of the best things about this template is that it is clutter fee and known for its simplicity. Apart from this, Solopreneur is SEO optimised and this ensures you of the high ranking of the search engine.

Another important advantage associated with this template is its incredible response with the mobile devices and customised options are well equipped with it. Besides this, this particular template boasts favicons, designed logos, fun social media icons and many more. Because of this, there is no overall impact on the website speed. There is a substantial reduction of the bounce rates. It has got two landing pages that lay emphasis on call to action on customers. Their template associated does the product promotion and helps you get a huge email list that is beneficial.

The Essence

If you observe Solopreneur, it is classic but the flexibility of the Essence is high. Because of the light weight design associated with it, it gives you the surety that the performance of the site does not have an impact. The overall design of this WordPress template is high end and has the expansion possibilities. Apart from this, you can select from seventeen different blog layouts. This means you have the option to play and also ask what is best looking. You can trace the combination compatible with your ideas. Besides this, you have the integrated social sharing icons and important features that encourage the reader to share the nice looking content on their social profiles. Apart from this, it is also accompanied with the theme pack promo boxes that boost the readers to go to the different categories on your website or they can spend time focussing on your blog posts.


This WordPress template offers you one of the most mesmerizing features like drag and drop builder. This template focussing on premium conversion is not only flexible but versatile too. This provides you the wide range of tools by which you not only create but also change the depicted page as it seems fit for you. With this template, the highlighting process will become fast as well as simple. Apart from this, you also have additional 25 built in layout from which you can pick. You can not only adapt this to agency business but also to the marketing companies, book stores, events, ecommerce sites, personal page.

The associated flexible templates have integration post options, header templates, custom portfolio, WooCommerce integration and much more. This template is both speed and SEO optimised. There is hook content associated with this template comprising of ads or banners. You have got the in-built support for the Google fonts, social media icons and much more.


This WordPress template has a design that is silky and smooth. It is complementary to the rich typography of the template. This is designed keeping in mind the conversion focussing. This is built keeping in mind the notion of accommodation of high load speeds and also mobile friendly nature. The prime focus of this theme is on the usual elements.


Launchkit gives the feel of premium designs and also the high end experience. When the users visit your site, they will feel it. This template has the content blocks that have the meticulous design and there is a variety in the host of configurations. This includes the seven footer layout, A/B testing support, three header types and much more. You will also find the various customizable options that are associated with this theme. This will give you the complete package. The tools that will keep the reader hooked and change your website to a conversion machine.

Importance of WordPress

This is open source software and you can create blog, app or beautiful website. Popularity of WordPress is because of the easy use and also because of the powerful options like the extensibility, customization and appearance. With the WordPress templates, the people on the web with even no experience of coding can power the websites with the appearance that is professional and also have the custom functionality. With just few clicks, the users can choose different templates with just few taps by the use of appearance menu that is in the administration dashboard or you can copy theme files direct into wp-content >themes folder. There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress is an asset. You can purchase the templates from the market places or individual developers or you can freely install from WordPress directory.

As WordPress templates help you carve a beautiful website, they play a significant role in boosting your sales by improving the conversion rate. The templates that are easy to use and provide an easily navigable website are always preferred as they make the visitors keep coming back to your website again and again. This builds interest among the visitors and ultimately it results in increased sales. We bring you all such templates in the form of WP Theme Bundle.

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